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22 December 2011 @ 11:14 pm
Hey, guys, I'm moving to Dreamwidth.

Not that I won't still be on LJ, commenting places and reading my comms and such, but since no one even reads this anymore I see no point in posting new stuff on both places, and honestly, LJ hasn't filled me with the utmost confidence lately. (I'm looking at you, igrick, and your new commenting style you forced on everyone too.)

If you want to find me on there? Same name. Still prythian. Amazing how no one ever seems to use that name. Isn't it amazing when you make your own name up out of whole cloth? :3
30 November 2011 @ 08:25 pm
So, uh... I haven't posted in this in over a year.

I'm still commenting places! Just... not actually posting in my journal, despite decided in one of my last posts that... I would post in my journal more! I know, I'm awful, and no one reads this so I'm basically talking to myself.

Anyways, just thought I'd include an update just... because! School is going fairly well... I'm not doing so hot in one of my classes, unfortunately, and I have some work I really need to get done, but other than that, it's great. I love most of my teachers.

Still don't have a job... thank my parents I can afford to live here at college. I need to consider getting a job at some point.

I haven't been able to do much roleplaying at all lately. Various things popped up, the forums I could RP on have been gone for a while... it really sucks, honestly, but what can you do? (Besides making my own, of course, but while I do have a project like that in the works, I can't possibly do it on my own, so it's just gathering dust.)

I did create some new races for writing and roleplaying purposes, lately! I'm diverging away from my normal habits of them being really humanoid for the most part, or extremely based on mythical creatures. (Though, as usual, they tend to be heavily magical. One of the races, though, can be magical OR non-magical without losing much, so, take that as you will.)

The first of these two races is the Dravari. They're... hmm, I need to learn to describe things more clearly sometimes. They're semi-bipedal desert-dwellers. The easiest way to imagine them is to take a lizard as a base. They've got this light-tan pebbled skin, and very long and thin bodies... fingers, arms, legs, tail, etc. They've also got a large frill that, by default, is kept back against their heads, but they can expand outwards in something like a mane around their faces... if you've seen some lizards, you know what I'm talking about. They use that to radiate away heat for body temperature maintenance. They've also got two extra eyelids. One is completely transparent and serves mainly to keep sand out of the eyes, and another is tinted so as to let them see better in the bright light of the sun (and reflected light off of the sand). Lastly, the tip of their tongue tip is hardened and there's a tube running through their tongue almost like a straw. (They use this to extract water from cacti.) And of course they have claws and teeth to protect themselves. (Skilled Dravari can use their tail very effectively as well by whipping it around.) And yes, they reproduce by laying eggs.

They've got a very honor-related culture. Their main law is to always keep your word if you give it. So they're primarily traders of services and goods. (Though they don't really use money! They don't like it because it's something you give in place of giving someone something precious to you, like your time or one of your possessions. They view it as holding no real value.) They're also very good at metalworking and glass-making, because of how well they withstand heat. They tend to live in either small nomadic groups of around 20-30 Dravari or larger cities made out of baked brick or sandstone. Because of their honor-based culture, the government is largely made of those that volunteer for a position as leader; to break your word is unthinkable for a Dravari, so they are bound by their oaths when they enter office. (When a leader, or ANYONE for that matter, breaks one of their oaths, well... it isn't pretty. Dravari that are discovered breaking their word tend not to survive the day.)

If you want them to be non-magical, you can leave them at that; if you want them to be magical, they have the power to turn into sand and back again. This has a drawback in that if their sand touches water, they say goodbye to that part of their body. There's even an allergic reaction of sorts if their skin touches water; they instinctively turn into sand, which then gets wet... yeah, it's bad, and the usual method of execution when they have this power.

The second race I haven't actually named yet. Instead of being desert-dwellers, they're deep-ocean dwellers. They have smooth dolphin-esque skin, with lines of bio-luminescence running across their skin. This bio-luminescence actually changes color based on their emotions. The lower half of their body is actually much like a jellyfish, with a large hemisphere with tendrils trailing out from the edges of the hemisphere. They move like jellyfish or squid, by sucking water into that area and compressing it out to propel themselves forward. The top half of their body has four tentacles coming out on each side of a cylindrical body with a large spherical eye on top, providing an ability to see in almost all directions. The tips of the tentacles are actually where their mouths are; inside those tentacles is their throats.

They communicate entirely visually, through patterns of bio-luminescence; they have fine control over which parts of their body light up and which do not. They even have enough control so as to determine the color of the patterns, much like if a person was to fake being happy so well that everyone around them was fooled. This serves a dual-purpose; they can hide their emotions when necessary if they really need to, and the same 'word' or pattern with different emotions can have a largely-different meaning, expanding their language greatly. Another thing that changes the meaning of the 'word' slightly is the brightness of the pattern, as they can shine brightly enough to light up a small chamber by themselves, or barely bright enough to be seen.

Culturally, I don't have them defined yet. I do know that they possess magic allowing them to manipulate water temperatures, which they use to transport lava from the volcanic vents they live near in order to make structures out of pillow lava. This has the result of making their cities seem carved entirely out of a single piece of rock. They can dye or stain rock in such a way that it doesn't wear off despite being underwater. This allows them to use stone as writing materials, altering temperatures in order to reshape the stone's surface, and using dyes to give emotion to the recorded 'words'.

If someone actually sees this and feels like responding to this question... anyone have any idea what I could name this second race?
13 September 2010 @ 11:08 pm
So, I spend a lot of time on roleplaying forums. Have I mentioned that enough yet? Well, apparently my dorm doesn't LIKE that.

Intermittently, I find myself unable to connect to the forums, and through proxy experimentation I discovered the only way to explain this is that the school is blocking them...

...but only SOMETIMES. Since those forums are the main way I unwind, and I have responsibilities to them, this pissed me off a HELL of a lot, because if they were permanently blocked, I'd basically be a time bomb of stress. No one wants that. Fortunately, it's not permanent, but since I have no idea when I'll be able to access them and when I won't... argh.

The other half of my current burning frustration is a secret boss in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. To put things into perspective: I beat the final boss with a level around low 30s. I beat the first secret boss about level 50, and the tough enemies in the Mirage Arena all got annihilated before that.

I can't beat this guy at level 70. I die in about three hits.

Worse, I have the suspicion that he might be growing stronger the higher a level I get. Which would suck, as the only option left to me at this point is getting leveling, and that may be screwing me over even WORSE.

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12 September 2010 @ 11:00 pm
Well, having only gotten one response on my last post, I suppose I have to go with that. And also go off the assumption that only one person even reads this anymore (Thank you Skeller! You're awesome!). I am a lonely person apparently.

So, the decision reached is that it'd be a combination of all of the options. Ok then.

Well, there will then be three types of tags.

personal, which will be me talking about online stuff or real life stuff.

dreams. This one is self evident.

Then there's the third type... the journals. Because I've so many characters, in order to organize things, I'm going to have two tags with each character journal entry. The name of the character is one. What type they are is the other.

For versions that come from my own stories, they will be given a tag of '______ canon'. For example, versions of Xero, Prythian, and Wraith all are part of the world of Druthisrael, so they would get the tag of 'druthisrael canon'. The Immortal and the Wave/Surge/Inertia trio, on the other hand, hail from my superhero verse, and since it's nameless, they would get 'superhero canon'.

On the other hand, a lot of my characters are roleplayed on forums, and these are usually fandom based forums, so I'll set those apart with '______ fandom'. You'll usually see 'kingdom hearts fandom', for example, because that's where I have a lot of my characters.

In the rare case that I'm doing a journal for a character on an original forum, I'll simply make a tag ' fandom'. Just to confuse people. At least, confuse those who don't realize I'm only using canon to refer to my own original things, and fandom to refer to stuff not my own.

Likely tonight or tomorrow I'll be making two posts, one a character journal, and one a personal post. In fact, I may type it up right after this post. Only reason I'm not including them is because I like to keep things semi-organized.

Prythian out!
06 September 2010 @ 05:38 pm
Let's get this rarely used journal back to some use, shall we?

But, you know, all previous attempts to do so have, well, FAILED. Miserably.

So! Flist, I'm asking for your help. (Please answer me; I'm mildly desperate.)

There are several options I have in what to use this journal for. All I'm asking is for you, Flist, any who actually still view this journal... to tell me what purpose you want me to use this journal for.

1st option: Obviously, real life stuff and general whining. I don't really foresee having much to do about that on here, since 'real life' seems so distant when I'm online, though college may prompt me to rant sometimes.

2nd option: Dream journal. This was something I attempted to do and obviously failed to do earlier.

3rd option: Originally, this was a character journal. Not one to list my characters, though that's also an option, but literally pages from journals my characters wrote. This is the most complex option, because thanks to my RPing, I have SEVERAL characters to choose from.

Xero: My very first and most beloved character. He's gone through many different incarnations. In his most essential form, he is the 'Champion of Balance', chosen by eight gods. In his original story, he lived on the living world Drusthirael, which is home to many magical species, both original and non. This option would have several different pages from several different forms of Xero, since I still RP him in places; the most common place is Kingdom Hearts forums. He's a BIT of a Gary Stu, but I've been working on that.

Prythian: Barest essentials, this is an exploring character. His first incarnation was on a MUD, and since then he's been placed in many different places and forms. The two most common are those of an eagle anthropomorphic character, and that of a 'Crystallimuth', a race better described as part of another of the journal choices.

Cystral: This guy only has one incarnation. He's the oblivious character, confused by many things, and with many different thoughts and feelings he doesn't understand, with no knowledge of his past. THIS IS A GOOD THING. He's the reincarnation of a crystal sword that stole bits and pieces of souls that it killed, and exhibits the powers of a Crystallimuth, which is a race with magic relating to crystals. This is an (unoriginally named) race from Drusthirael.

Enamon: Ho boy. This guy is absolutely freaking nuts in almost any form. That of an elemental changeling, a storm elemental, a physically hulking man obsessed to the point of lunacy with justice... the common theme is the willingness and ability to harm people VERY WELL, and one very sure in his power, with very little restraint. Kinda stupid normally.

Neiya: This is usually a young child, experimented on in some fashion to be given various powers, and fits into different settings very well. The scifi incarnation of him has robotic tech in him, and is accompanied by a nanite slime, and the fantasy one typically is an 'Elemental Adapter', one who absorbs different things and can take on their properties, either turning into that substance or becoming adapted to it, like growing fins for water. His story inevitably revolves around those trying to recapture him.

Wraith: An Aeriad, another one of my races from Druthisrael. Think 'flying liquid metal' and you've roughly got the right image. Usually fun loving, sometimes serious, always protective... he's not as well developed as he could be, and I need a little work with him.

Inertia, Wave, Surge: HO boy. This is a trio from an idea for a novel I had, superhero type stuff. Inertia is a reluctant thief-for-hire that wishes he could be a hero, Surge is his previous friend that's turned assassin, and Wave is an innocent young girl they both swore to protect and then lost. I haven't had any real practice with this trio, but the ideas behind them I am in love with.

The Immortal: The ONLY one of these characters who has never, ever left his first setting. He's a superhero whose power, or curse, is an inability to age or die. He is simply 'stuck in time', as it were. Physically weak, mentally formidable, highly unoriginal and depressing... One of the more tragic characters I've written, on par with Xero.

Now, honestly, I can do ALL of these should I want, or some of these, or even none of these; what I write is ENTIRELY up to you, Flist; the more people want to see something, the more likely I will have it on here. I, personally, favor the character journal thing, and feel the answer I would like best is writing character journals for all the characters, but I also want more than an audience of only myself when doing this.

So please comment and tell me what you want to see. You can pick as many of the options on here as you want, and you can pick one not listed if you want as well.

Looking forward to your responses, however many of you actually still read this!
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21 August 2010 @ 03:00 pm
In college.

Just finished moving in. Classes start Wednesday.

I go insane Thursday.

Just thought I should let you all know.
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...and for another reason CAN'T through any other method, comment here.
13 October 2009 @ 09:45 pm
You know what?

Screw this.
30 September 2009 @ 09:05 pm
Ok, so despite the total lack of interest (real discouraging there, people), here goes the first post.

Basic Information

World Name: Druthisrael

Druthisrael is a lush, green world. It is actually a living in a sense, but cannot act directly. Over 2/3rds of its surface is covered in very large forests. It has two oceans, which just separate the two continents.

On one of the continents, the larger one, there are two large forests covering the entire south side, and most of the middle. The north side is actually mountains, and past this mountain range are wetlands. Between the mountain range and the larger of the forests are wide-open plains. The majority of humans live on these plains, their culture varying depending on whether they are closer to the mountains or the forests. Generalizing, however, they tend to live under one ruler per village. This ruler is typically the only one in a building made of stone, since the stone must be carried from quarries in the mountains to each village. They are farmers and hunters, living off of the land.

Inside of the forests, or rather, inside the trees of the forests, live the Nymphs. One of the original five 'Heartborn', this race has great magic relating to nature and healing. Because they can be very fierce defenders of the forests, and because of how much ground the forests truly cover, they are one of the more politically powerful races.

The most powerful race, both in magic and politically, are the dragons. They are the first and foremost of the 'Heartborn' races, and live mainly on a volcanic island in the middle of the larger ocean. I could do a whole post on these, so I won't go into any more detail.

Actually, pretty much everything I could go into a whole post on, so feel free to ask questions I'll try to get to in my next post. In fact, please do.

Suggestions for questions: Magic, the Heartborn, the dragons.

See you next post!
28 September 2009 @ 10:48 pm
Ok, let's try changing the purpose of this journal again so I actually, you know, post more in it.

As some of you may or may not be aware, I aspire to be a fiction writer, specifically a fantasy one. To those ends, and also because it's damn fun, I've been creating an entire fictional world inside my head.

However, it's pretty much impossible for me to KEEP it all in my head. Consciously, at least. So I'm going to start using this journal to store information about it.

I'm encouraging ALL of you to help me by posting up comments on the posts with world info for clarification, or if you see something that you think might need changing, and I'm also practically begging for all of you to ask questions for the next post, as it really helps me formulate my answer properly in my head.

I'm hoping all of you reading this are willing to help in that small bit. ^^

Next post planned: Very basic information on the world. Like, skeletal information.

Quick edit: I would like people to please comment on this post if they want me to do this, just so I know there's a least some interest in it. I'll still use this as a database, but it's nice to know people are interested in your creations.
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